Friday, May 10, 2013

The Photoshoot

Hello again guys! :)
This is my 3rd post for this blog. Hahaha! 
I'm trying to post as many as possible before school starts, because I know I won't update
thiis anymore if I have school. Boohoo! :'(
School starts in two weeks for me. Huhuhu! 
Okay, so since it's May and it's my birthday month my posts will be all about my debut. :)

So the first one is my pre-debut photoshoot. It is the photoshoot that what they usually call the pre-nup shoot, i think? :)) 

So here's my first outfit. I had three outfit changes but I'm gonna show you the first one first. :P

Now I know how hard it is to be a monkey. haha! :))

Sorry for posting too many pictures it's hard for me to choose haha!
So that's it for now. The 2nd and 3rd outfits will be posted maybe tomorrow. :P
Hope you like this one! ;) Till the next post, bye!

Outfit details:
Top from: Greenhills
Skirt from: Sunkissed Clothing
Shoes from: Mario D' Boro

Hair & Makeup done by Tricia Bacalla and Mika Suzuki

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