Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pink & Blue

Hello you guys! :) 
Since I've been reading so many fashion blogs and at the same time watching many beauty and fashion videos; I'm inspired to start my own. HAHA!
Forgive me if my style isn't that great I'm just starting out and I hope you guys help me by giving your own opinions.

So here's my first post. :)

This is what I wore last May 5. It was hours before my debut so I wore a button down shirt so my make-up and hair won't get ruin. I really really love the colors of my outfit here. It's so summery! :) HAHA!

 Forgive my hair because the hairstylist was actually "setting" the curls that's why it's like that. 

Here I am with my make-up and hair that is all done. :)

Balloons! :D

I guess that's it for my first post. 
Forgive me if there are wrong grammars and all, I don't know
why but I think I suck at grammar. Help me correct them. 

'Til my next post. :)
Bye guys! :)

Outfit details:

Top from: Shimmer

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