Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tie Dye

I'm back! =))
Sorry guys for the late blog post, I've been really lazy to post here but when 
I watched my inspiration youtube vloggers I decided to post another outfit for today. :D

So this was my outfit when I went out with my friends last last week i think? :))
I wore this tie dye skater skirt and paired it with a black top
and black flats to make the skirt stand out.

So that's it for now! Bye! :D
P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures this was shot by my little sister. Huhuhu! Promise to make it better
for the next posts.

Outfit details:
Top from bazaar
Skirt from Sunkissed Clothing
Shoes from SM Parisian

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Perfect Dress for a Magical Night

So here it is! I'm sharing to you guys the pictures from my debut.
 I actually never thought that I will have a debut as grand as this. It may be simple for you guys but
for me it was PERFECT! :) ♥

Being a princess for a night is one my dreams and I guess it came true. 
With just one month I've planned the perfect night for my debut.

So first I am gonna show you the DRESS.

So here it is!!!!! MY DRESS FOR THE NIGHT!! 
It's in the shade of salmon pink, i think? :))
So my dress was two-piece. 
You can remove the skirt to make it into a cocktail dress.

I guess this is the number one reason why I wanted a debut. =)) HIHIHI!
I hope you fall in love to my dress like I did.

That's it for now. On my next post, I will show you the venue, food and
the people who made my night a special one.
Bye for now! :D

Outfit Details

Dress made by Dian of Linoi

The Photo shoot part 3!

So here is my last outfit for my photo shoot last April. HAHAH!
It's my favorite LBD pair with my gold and black heels again. 
I realized I don't have that much heels. Huhuhu!! I need to buy more shoes. 

Just paired my LBD with a pearl necklace from my mom. :)
Hope you enjoy this guys. Next up pictures from my night as a princess. 
Good night for now! :D

Outfit details:

Dress from ZARA
Shoes from Parisian

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Photo shoot Part 2

So here's the 2nd outfit that I wore during my photo shoot. :)
It was just a simple red dress paired with black and gold heels. 

Forgive the super haggard face. I don't know what happened with my hair and make up.
It was very hot that day I wasn't in the mood to do this shoot. So that's it. :)

Outfit details:
Dress from: Apartment 8 Clothing
Shoes from: Parisian

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Photoshoot

Hello again guys! :)
This is my 3rd post for this blog. Hahaha! 
I'm trying to post as many as possible before school starts, because I know I won't update
thiis anymore if I have school. Boohoo! :'(
School starts in two weeks for me. Huhuhu! 
Okay, so since it's May and it's my birthday month my posts will be all about my debut. :)

So the first one is my pre-debut photoshoot. It is the photoshoot that what they usually call the pre-nup shoot, i think? :)) 

So here's my first outfit. I had three outfit changes but I'm gonna show you the first one first. :P

Now I know how hard it is to be a monkey. haha! :))

Sorry for posting too many pictures it's hard for me to choose haha!
So that's it for now. The 2nd and 3rd outfits will be posted maybe tomorrow. :P
Hope you like this one! ;) Till the next post, bye!

Outfit details:
Top from: Greenhills
Skirt from: Sunkissed Clothing
Shoes from: Mario D' Boro

Hair & Makeup done by Tricia Bacalla and Mika Suzuki

Back to Square One

Let's go back to January 1, 2013.
Last New Year's day I went to my lola's house to celebrate it.
It is a yearly tradition to go to my grandma's house during New Year.
We usually play games, share stories and of course eat. :))

Here are some pictures:

This is me playing some "Minute-to-Win-it" inspired game. Focusing...

 Here are my girl cousins being goofy. :))

My handsome guy cousins. ;)

 This is me playing another game. :)) ( I didn't win anything though. boohoo. :'( )

And here's my lovely family. :)

Sorry I don't have a solo picture because I didn't know I'll start a fashion blog in the first place.
Hope you appreciate some of the pictures that I posted. That's all for now.
Goodbye! :)

Outfit details:

Top from: SM GTW
Shorts from: Forever 21
Shoes from: Rusty Lopez

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pink & Blue

Hello you guys! :) 
Since I've been reading so many fashion blogs and at the same time watching many beauty and fashion videos; I'm inspired to start my own. HAHA!
Forgive me if my style isn't that great I'm just starting out and I hope you guys help me by giving your own opinions.

So here's my first post. :)

This is what I wore last May 5. It was hours before my debut so I wore a button down shirt so my make-up and hair won't get ruin. I really really love the colors of my outfit here. It's so summery! :) HAHA!

 Forgive my hair because the hairstylist was actually "setting" the curls that's why it's like that. 

Here I am with my make-up and hair that is all done. :)

Balloons! :D

I guess that's it for my first post. 
Forgive me if there are wrong grammars and all, I don't know
why but I think I suck at grammar. Help me correct them. 

'Til my next post. :)
Bye guys! :)

Outfit details:

Top from: Shimmer